Basic Dogs

Thumann's Signature Natural Casing Frank

Basic Bacon Wrapped Dog

Thumann's Signature Natural Casing Frank Wrapped in Bacon

Jumbo Hotdogs

Thumann's Jumbo Quarter Pounder

Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Dog

Thumann's Jumbo Quarter Pounder Wrapped in bacon

Hackensack Hotdog

This Jumbo Bacon Wrapped Dog is deep fried to perfection and topped with our signature chili sauce.

State Street Lollipops

Hackensack’s own version of the classic Texas Lollipops

The Mangia Mangia

An Italian hotdog named after the location’s predecessor

The Mac-N-Sack

Our deep-fried dog topped with our in-house Mac and Cheese recipe

The Pizza Dog

Topped with marinara and shredded mozzarella cheese. It's two favorites in one!

The Philly Dog

Our signature dog topped with steak. With or without peppers and onions.

Comet Sliders

Small bite pigs in a blanket for the lil’ weenies

B.E.C. Breakfast Dog

That's Right! It's a Bacon, Egg and Cheese hot dog.


Inspired by a traditional Pilipino dish, this dog is paired with garlic rice and a fried egg.

Cup of Beans

Cup of Chili

French Fries

Onion Rings

Tator Tots

Bottle of Soda

Can of Soda


Bottle of Water

Fruit Drinks

5 Pack

(5) Thumann Signature Dogs

10 Pack

(10) Thumann Signature Dogs

20 Pack

(20) Thumann Signature Dogs